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Just a week ago, Equestria Girls made it’s premier in LA with a family event including cast and crew from the show. Now, for those of us outside of the United States or in a position where seeing the movie in cinemas would be highly impractical, this week has kind of been a roller coaster ride of doubt, uncertainty, excitement, curiosity and looking through hundreds of posts on /mlp/ for a legitimate upload of the movie. Most of these feelings, I can share with you – it’s like we’ve been royally screwed over by Hasbro with this terrible distribution strategy of theirs.

Now, in a community that is driven by show discussion and debate it’s kind of difficult to avoid watching this movie if you want to be part of this wide debate – so, I do hate to promote piracy (which is why I’ll be buying the Equestria Girls DVD when it’s released) but here it is; the whole movie in full view for you to watch to your hearts content.

You can watch the movie online from this video or, alternatively, you can download the movie here.



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